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Lord of the Flies
In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, describes the cruel actions and terror of children. As a soldier of World War II, Golding witnessed the destruction and absurdity of human beings. After that time period of his life, he decided to write books. Lord of the Flies came with a stronger message than boys on an island. It expanded to the flaws of human nature and society. Golding believed people control their own actions and thoughts not society. Golding illustrates the theme of human nature vs. society. Every person has a potential of corrupt actions no matter how well intentioned a society’s ideologies. In Lord of the Flies, Ralph represents order and civilization. Jack represents violence and the desire for power each person has. Simon and piggy represent innocence and rare goodness in people. Golding exposed the truth of humanity and the fall of civilization.
Human beings are thought to be the most developed organisms on earth. However, Golding’s concept of human behavior, he believes if we are put into a position to survive, we will do anything. He portrays that with adolescent boys that descend into savage behavior. In Lord of the flies, Ralph imposes order among the group by giving them rules such as keeping the fire going and talking one at time if you hold the conch. The order in society is built on innocence and good intentions: being rescued. Ralph organizes hunters, shelters, and authority. He creates his own way of