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Lord of the Flies: Final Essay
Throughout the book Lord of the Flies, there were many people that chose to be a leader, forced everyone to believe that they were a leader, or should have been a leader. I believed that Piggy should have been the leader of the group. He was one of the only people that showed real leadership, responsibility, common sense, and many other things.
There are many reasons I believe Piggy should have been the leader of the group through the book.
One reason was that he was the only one that showed common sense and thought things through. He was the one that would get the group out of bad situations, and he was the one that told Ralph majority of the ideas and things Ralph told the group. He was also the one that found the conch, which brought the group together, which was a reason why the group survived and got off the island. He told Ralph that Jack would hurt him if
Ralph wasn’t the leader and protecting him; he knew that Jack is a savage.
Another reason why I think Piggy should have been the leader was that he showed true leadership. He came up with majority of the ideas that saved the group. He had the glasses that started the fires that also saved them, and told the group that the group needs to draw attention to themselves if they wanted to be rescued. He also suggested that they should start a signal fire on the beach since nobody wanted to go up into the mountains where the “beast” was. One way he showed his true leadership was through intelligence when the children were describing the beast; he said, “not with claws and all that, I mean.” This means that he knows that the real beast is inside them.

Piggy has great aspects on why he