Lord Of The Flies

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How does Golding portray his ideas in the Lord of the flies?
Golding portrays the disagreement between the two boys from the start of the book, during the time when they dispute between who should become the leader, which creates a small anecdote of the smaller world that we have today in society.
The beginning of chapter 3 starts with Golding hinting to us that the boys are starting to become less civilised, and becoming more savage, as for Jack, “eyes in this frustration seemed bolting and nearly mad.” This picture of Jack tells the reader that he is descending into a more violent character, which nearer the start of the allegory he was only “ready to turn, to anger." Jack always and in some ways obsessed in hunting and killing, as his character doesn’t want to cause trouble with anything else, chafing off on all the other choir boys, and little ‘uns further into the novel. On the other hand, someone else like Ralph and us the reader could see this as him being already a sinister character, and him being the one to bring the savage and barbaric “beast” out of most of the children showing maybe he is the Lord of the Flies bringing the devil out of everyone else.
Near to the beginning of the book, Jack showed unwillingness to kill a pig “the knife descending and cutting into living flesh; because of the unbearable blood.” This second side of Jack’s behaviour represents he has some key aspects of a civilised society. Nevertheless, in his next participation of hunting, “He swung back his right arm and hurled the spear with all his strength,” also backing up that maybe time is up for civilisation of jack and his decent into The Lord of the Flies arms is increasing and falling into savagery. The verb “swung” shows he has no good side anymore with no holding back and turning into a evil character. This backs up that being away from any kind of civilised society for a long period of time can turn you into a completely abnormal person. I feel Golding has created a minute society on the island and is a key representation and without a democracy with rules and civilisation in society then maybe each good natured human can easily be persuaded into the side of darkness.
Golding has two sides of characters and one is the persuaded characters into darkness and the other persuading the others to become saved and regain the rules of society. An example of this kind of person is Ralph. He is seen as a character that is civilised, wanting to shelters for the littl’uns and trying to get saved, Ralph obviously represents the higher society. As the novel goes on the children get attracted to Jacks persausive personality, it can be stated that Golding believes that society will listen and follow strong leaders, even