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Mehak Kaur
Mrs. McGlothin
11 November 2014
A Perfect Society?
“Every man has a beast within him.’ this great quote was said by Fredrick the Great. This quote was greatly displayed in The Lord of the Flies, when Simon was “talking” to the lord of the flies. Simon was hallucinating then, but when ever he was hallucinating was very true. When the kids think the beast eats the pig, they were basically saying that they are the beasts because they kill the pigs and eat them. The boys were not able to maintain order because they did not have effective rules, self-control, and were jealous for leadership.
Rules are very important in life. Rules ensure safety, without rules there would be anarchy like in The Lord of the Flies. The boys on the island did not have a very good way of keeping order. They did not stay together; instead they made their own tribes. If all the boys stayed together and discussed ideas as a group, chaos would not have ensued.
The boys on Jack’s side lost their self-control by killing two people, Piggy and Simon. They attacked Simon thinking he was the beast and killed him. The boys got all excited and did not realize that it was Simon. Simon’s death also could have been avoided, by controlling their fear of the beast. If they had not been so afraid of the beast and taken a look at what they were about to attack, Simon would not have died. Piggy was killed for the sake of killing; Roger pushed the boulder on top of Piggy because he was annoyed by him – which is no reason to kill someone. Roger should have controlled his anger and been patient. If they had set rules, there would have been no fire in the jungle or the separation of the kids into tribes. The boys would have not lost their civility if they simply had strict rules.
Fighting over leadership made the children drift apart. The way Jack acted towards Ralph was disrespectful and rude. Jack’s jealously got the better of him, by opposing Ralph’s ideas. Ralph had the