Lord of the Flies Essay

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William Golding composed 'LOTF' in 1954 as a response to the experiences he had as a soldier during WW2. He was deeply affected by not only his personal experience, but, the whole worlds subsequent knowledge of the holocaust, the bombing of the Hiroshima bomb and what Golding perceived as a lack of humanity and the capacity ofmanto inflict himself negatively or others. The image represents the symbolic nature of Goldings book & his illusion of a dystopian society aswell as the intertexuality apparent throughout his work as vehicle to communicate his main concerns to the responder.

'LOTF' was written by Golding as an allegory where the apparent meaning of his characters and events are used to symbolize a deeper moral position. In this case Golding has used his book to comment on the theme of civilization versus savagery. The idea that conflict between the two impulses of all humans the instinct to live by rules act peacefully and value the good of the group against the instinct to gratify ones immediate desire. The symbolism of the conch and lights glasses are reflected in the image both direct and allegorical.

Symbolism of the conch is represented in many scenes the shell is a powerful symbol of civilization, it is used to assemble the boys when Ralph blew it. When the boys assemble the conch governs the boys like in the image, they stand and listen to whoever has hold of it. The civilization starts to erode and they descent into savagery, the conch loses its power and it's influence among them. When the bolder kills Piggy it also crushes the shell, civilization amongst the boys disappears and they turn into savages and lose all state of humanity.in the image Piggy is wearing his glasses, these symbolize his intelligents and represents the power of science and intellectual endeavor in society. Piggy's glasses allow them to create a signal fire in hope of rescue. When the two groups are made and Jack's group steal the glasses, it meant that the savages now had the power. Piggy's glasses could either be used for good or bad, Ralph had used them for good to make a signal fire. While Jack used them to light the island fire to kill Ralph. When the glasses were stolen it highlighted Piggy's weakness & vulnerability.

While 'LOTF' can't be a true dystopia it features many elements of a dystopia in order to communicate what he felt was the negative and destructive path that humans were on. Some of the boys thought and freedom was restricted and they lived in a dehumanized or savage like state which culminates in murder and disorder. This is shown in the image, as they are naked and a few of them are holding spears which symbolizes kill.

In 'LOTF' protagonists Piggy and Ralph are used to illustrate that independent thought and freedom was restricted. when Piggy specifically asked Ralph not to be called Piggy yet he still was, he freedom was also restricted when him andralph were hunted like animals. Jacks group stole Piggy's glasses which left him blind and helpless, they also killed piggy by rolling a boulder onto him. Ralph's freedom was restricted when they lit the island fire in hope to kill him.

Golding has used piggy Simon and Ralph to demonstrate, the dehumanized state of the boys. The boys from England acted in an unnecessary dehumanized state, they ran around naked, with war paint on there disgustingly dirty skin. This savage like behaviour was against their Christian beliefs, most of the boys attended a boarding school and would have had strict home and school lives. In the novel they killed Piggy and Simon this is against the law, but on the island they killed them of they