Lord Of The Flies: A Short Story

Words: 1570
Pages: 7

As the plane took off in a series of rumbles and jolts, the man with fading fair hair looked out the thick glass window as the buildings of London slowly faded away. It had been many years since he’d been inside any form of aircraft, and the recollection of his past hit him like a wave of hot air. He remembered smoke, burning and filling his nose, voices shouting, a man in a navy suit, towering above him.
“Good day, sir.”
The voice broke the man out of his thoughts as he looked away from the window to see a dark haired young man, no older than twenty, seated beside him. Dressed in a military uniform of some sort, cap resting in his lap, the fair haired man couldn’t help but shake his head at the formality.
“They’re training you to become soldier I see,” he mused. The young man looked at him proudly. “Training for the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment,” he recited.
“What’s your name, boy?”
“Christopher Williams, sir,” the soldier reached out his hand, received with a firm shake.
“Ralph,” came
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Once every last boy was on the ship, they set sail in return for England,” Ralph closed his eyes suddenly, as if he could personally feel the weight of all these words.
“You do not have to continue sir, if you are tired.” In reply, Ralph straightened himself in the chair.
“We must always remember to learn from our experiences, even if they hurt us. I certainly learnt from mine. Those weeks on the ships, endless days of cruising through the vast ocean, surrounded in the realization of the darkness in our hearts, I didn’t know if I could return to my old life.” Christopher suddenly whipped his head towards Ralph, eyes wide.
“You’re saying this story is real.” It was a statement, not a question - Christopher was perceptive enough to know when someone was telling the truth. The pain in Ralph’s eyes gave him further