Lord of the Flies analysis Essay

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Honors English II
24 May 2013
The Power within Us All No matter the situation—whether it be a scuttle between two kids on the playground, warring countries, or even an angry man turning into a big green monster (widely known as the Hulk)—there will always be that struggle for power; that menacing beast within us just waiting to bound out of your soul with a vengeance. In William Golding’s novel, Lord of the Flies, there is the constant struggle between what should be done and what wants to be done; in other words the constant struggle between the super-ego, ego, and the id.
Moreover, even in civilized societies, the general public must still overcome the id feelings with ego and super-ego; without it, the society would inevitably end. In the novel, the kids try to overcome the id by having organized and moral rules but in the end, they almost die because they simply chose to let their ‘beast’ come out and play. The boys eventually join the tribe full of killing, feasting and dancing. Golding is trying to make a point, saying the general public is attracted to this violence; that it feeds off of those feelings. It is vividly described whilst Jack himself is hunting. Jack states that he senses this impulsive reaction to kill, and talks of the magnificent and powerful state of mind he gets from making a killing.
Not only that, but Golding symbolizes the boys struggle between id and super-ego through the Lord of the Flies and the combination of the conch and Simon. The conch—and under that Piggy—is representing the order necessary to run any society; while Simon represents the only naturally good person with a sense of morality which is not imposed by society. His motivation throughout the entire group to help the tribe for the