Lord Of The Flies Argumentative Essay

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Lord of the Flies Argument Essay

How is our civilization formed? Are we constructed and controlled by society? Or is society designed and commanded by us? To answer the question, society is created and governed by us, the people. The people are the society. What is right and wrong would not form if it was not for the people in the civilization. What is popular and what is not would no longer exist. The styles and trends everyone follows would not be set without the people that form them. Society would not be existent without those who create the standards we refer to as a society. The community is an entity of its own in which we refer to as a group of people, as something alive. Thus we form and control the culture we create.

The first example of this would be that without the people what we believe to be virtuous and sinful would not exist. In the book Lord of the Flies Ralph and the other kids that landed with him went out hunting for pigs. The kids that followed Jack had wanted to go out and kill the pig. When they had received the chance to kill the pig none of them could do it, not even Jack (Golding 31). The people of their home had frowned upon killing another animal. It was not something anyone taught their kids to do because they were proper people. Since the
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It is more the majority idea of how the people of the world, town, city, or group believe. There are many different societies throughout the world. Some societies are larger than others and can be changed by the people faster. Some societies are biased and others may seem inferior. This book shows us how the majority of people have a monstrous effect on the societies that are formed. This book showed us on a minor scale what could happen to a society when the people change the way society thinks. The world today is a society controlled by the people of the