Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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Author Role William Golding died at the age of 82. Two of the main characters in his book died at the age
(or around) 12. I believe that Golding wrote this book in order to show the world what would happen would we be forced onto an island to live by ourselves, and the eventual atrocities that would become of us if mutinies were to be enforced. This could also represent the downfall of society and the effect that it would have on even the youngest of our children.
Though the book could be looked at from many different perspectives, Golding’s perspective could be taken in only a few ways. Golding wrote this story much like the rest of the stories published in this time, showing how much he was influenced by the literature of the 1950’s.
The difference though in this literature is the horrific actions committed in the pages of this book. I believe that although the grammar and words used in this novel matched the ones used by knowledgeable scholars in the 1950’s the horror story told in ‘The Lord Of The Flies’ is much different from the sophistication of the novels published in those years. This author was different and the same at the same time, which I think is why the novel became so popular.Something that was completely different from the complex and boring novels that they were used to at that time. It was an exciting change to the literature of the time and taking on a different and odd stance on literature Archivist Role The book, ‘Lord Of The Flies’ has a strong difference from the novels of the 1950’s. The murder and the horrors that the boys of the island drag along with them and will drag along with them for the rest of their lives. The boys on the island begin in thinking that they would be able to create their own society and through the beginnings of the book they seem to be doing well. They’ve gotten a signal fire going (Although Jack lets it go out in their first chance to get off the island) and have a little community going. They have the choirboys who