Lord Of The Flies Character Analysis

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During World War II, a group of private school boys are crossing the ocean on a plane, and the plane crashes. All of the adults on the plane die, leaving the boys to fend for themselves. Ralph befriends a boy called Piggy; together they find a conch and blow it to call in all of the other survivors. They call an assembly and vote for Ralph as the leader and another boy named Jack as the head hunter. With Jack as the hunter he sought more power over the boys and the fearful children join his pack. Jack’s biggest priority was food and the kill, while Ralph wanted to maintain smoke signals in order to be rescued. All of the boys followed Jack except Ralph, Piggy, Simon, and twins named Sam and Eric. The boys became more and more violent, and in a moment of rage kill Simon. When Jack steals Piggy’s glasses, which start the fire, it creates a war between the two groups. Piggy eventually was killed, and Ralph became Jack’s prey. Sam and Eric desert Ralph for Jack. The boys set out to capture and kill Ralph. When a Naval Officer rescues the boys on the island they lose their savagery and become children once again. Ralph is a 12 year old boy that was chosen by the other boys as a leader because of the conch shell. He is a brave young boy and tries to do his best to work toward being rescued. Although Ralph is still a child he fought past any difficulties and the island, through the deaths of his friends and being hunted Ralph always kept it together. Jack Merridew was an older choir boy that hunted for the boys. He sought power amongst the boys and even turned to murder at times. Jack became a feared leader on the island and recruited the other boys to