Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Jackie Henriquez
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Are human beings born to be good? Or are we naturally born to be evil? Everyone was born good, but as we are growing up the society or the environment around us influences us. Things we see and do everyday changed us from good to evil. In the society we are living today; crimes are happening everywhere. To those immature, they think those criminals are their heroes, so they went and do crimes like their “hero” did. If we were to be kept away from the evil thoughts, then we should be able to stay good forever.
As we are growing up, our parents implanted ideas about good and bad into us. Many parents will tell their child stealing is wrong and one shall never steal. The idea was implanted into the child, so whenever a thought of stealing comes up; the child will remember what he was told. If the child was not told stealing was not allowed; then the child will probably steal because he saw someone else stealing. By seeing others steal, a child will think it is allowed; since us human beings learn from what we see.
Many say human kind is inherently evil, that there is evil in all of us. William Golding strongly confirms this point in the book, The Lord of the Flies. The Lord of the Flies expresses what can happen to a man when there is not structure and little means of survival. The boys prove man to be inherently evil through control, mistreatment, and murder.
In The Lord of the Flies the boys on the island prove that humans are innately evil through excessive control. At the very beginning of the book Jack tries to control his choir, making them hunters. Jack said to Ralph, “I’ll split up the choir-my hunters that it,“ (Golding 42). Right here Jack already tries to imply that his choir is more savage than the rest of the boys by calling them hunters. Secondly, Jack once again expresses his need for control by going against the rules that were instilled among the boys in the beginning of the book. Jack says, “Bollocks to the rules! Were strong- we hunt…we’ll close in and beat and beat and beat,” (Golding 99). The excessive control demonstrated by the boys undoubtedly…