Essay On Fear Of The Beast

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Moazam Murtaza
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30 March, 2013

Unknown Fear of the Beast While on the island the boys significantly impacted by the beast. Simon is one of the first boy on the island who does not acknowledge the beast and found that out the fear of the beast is in themselves but not in real. Ralph is also one of those boys who do not believe in beast and isolate themselves away from believing that there is such creature as beast but all of a sudden when he see beast on the mountain he started believing that beast does exist on the island. Jack who always wanted to lead other actually got a chance to fulfill his wish, he used beast to create fear among other little kids.
Simon is the only first boy who realizes that there is no such thing as beast so he did not acknowledge that there is beast. Simon alone on his own went into the forest and talked to the Lord of the Flies without any fear. When jack and hunters got the responsibility to hunt the animals to feed the other boys on the island, one day he went to the jungle with all his hunters and killed a pig. When Jack and hunters were coming back after killing the pig Jack ordered one of the hunters to sharpen the stick at both ends, meanwhile he cut the pig’s head off its body. After the stick was sharpened enough he pierced one end of the stick in pig’s head and other end of the stick jammed in the ground where the thought the beast lives. The pig’s head was just a warning to tell it that they are going to end up doing the same thing that they have done with the beast. After they came back to the platform Jack told everyone that they left a present for the beast outside its cave. Simon was also there among the hunters, he did not go with the hunters towards the platform. He stayed where he was and closed his eyes and heard the pig’s head saying, “A gift for the beast. Might not the beast come for it? The head, he thought, appeared to agree with him. Run away, said the head silently, go back to the others. It was a joke really—why should you bother? You were just wrong, that’s all. A little headache, something you ate, perhaps. Go back, child, said the head silently” (Golding 197). After listening to pig’s head he headed back towards the beach. Therefore on his way back to beach he found that talking pig’s head was just an imagination and realized there is no beast or anything like that.
In the beginning Ralph does did not believe in beast at all, however later in the novel he started believing it. Some days after they crashed on the island, the littluns started mentioning and saying that they saw the beast. During the assembly one of the littlun said, “He saw the beastie, the snake-thing, and will it comes back tonight?” (Golding 49) When Ralph heard him saying that he refused to believe him and did not admit that there can be anything like beast on the island, and replies to all the other boys in the assembly that, “You couldn’t have a beastie, a snake-thing, on an island this size,” Ralph explained kindly. “You only get them in big countries, like Africa, or India” (Golding 49). Later in the novel when Samneric were assigned to take care of the fire one night. They saw something on the mountain, they thought that it was beast; they ran down towards the platform where there were all the other boys and told them they saw the beast by their own eyes, the beast had big eyes and it was moving. The next day Ralph and other senior boys decided to go and see the beast up on the mountain after they eat. After they were done eating they all headed up the mountain, where they found the beast which actually was a parachutist on the jagged rocks. Everyone tried to hit the parachutist and took the pig-run parallel to the one they took first and raced away. When they came, unexpectedly, to an open space by the sea, Ralph was full of fright and apprehension and pride and said to Jack, “I hit him! The spear stuck in—” (Golding 162). Ralph also said, “I walloped him