Lord of the Flies Essay

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In the Novel “Lord Of The Flies” there is a significant role of the beast, even though there’s no beast. Mostly all the characters have a positive/negative effect of the beast. When the boy with the mulberry mark on is face says about the snake he saw last night and that he thinks it is a beast, most of the characters laugh and make a fun of him making him look silly. But as the story goes on most characters start believing that there is a beast and they grow a constant fear. Actually there’s no beast in the story it turns out that night high up in the sky a air battle occurred and a dead man fell down with a parachute falls on the island near the mountain top and that next morning Samneric who are sleeping near the signal fire see the parachuter thinking he’s the beast and they inform others.
Jack has a delightful effect of the beast. When Jack hears about the beast he agrees with Ralph saying “there is no beast and if there is a beast we’d hunt it and kill it. We’re going to hunt pigs and get meat for everyday. And we’ll look for the snake too. But there isn’t a snake!” Jack also says “Fears can’t hurt you any more than a dream. There aren’t any beast to be afraid of on this island….Serve you right if something did get you, you useless lot of cry-babes!” to the littluns. It’s trying to say that if you believe in yourself and try to break your fears, it similar as making a dream come true. This gives Jack a opportunity to show his manly power. Jack is a hunter and has no fears and also insists that he is strong enough to kill the beast but he says that to interest the littluns to his tribe. He’s actually sick of the Littluns talking about the beast and making up nonsense. He wants to end this beast story and is aggressive to hunt his beast down.
The beasty becomes an important part of the book and the fears don’t go away. The children get to elect between Ralph’s idea of civilization and Jack’s idea of hunting down the beast. The ideas of the beast amendments from each part of the novel, their imaginations go wild. First the Littluns thinks it’s a snake than it comes from the water than it’s a ghost. Most of the characters didn’t believe it’s a ghost, but after the parachuter lands on the island the fears become stronger. It is known that Ralph is oldest and has link with the adults. Ralph doesn’t fear of the beast but after he hears more statements about the beast it makes him a little weak about his point and that’s why he accidently kills Simon with the others thinking he’s the beast. It shows…