Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Hadrian Burton
Mr. Martinez
English 2
Lord of The Flies Essay Crash! Suddenly the peaceful field trip you were having with your school has become a scramble for survival when the plane you were in has to make an emergency crash landing in a remote area. The Pilot and chaperones at the front of the plane are dead leaving only you and a large hand full of other students that you don't know alive. The boys in the book Lord of The Flies face a similar situation when the plane they were on to escape a war is shot down over a uninhabited island where the boys have to fend for themselves. The Island soon becomes a living hell for the boys as the lack of order eats away at them and they descend into chaos. On the Island the boys are gathered by a boy named Ralph. A tribe is made with Ralph as the leader who tries to keep order and get them rescued. However it isn't long until chaos descends upon the tribe when fears of a “beast” start haunting the minds of the boys. Jack, one of the tribe members, makes a new tribe with ideas of “fun” and hunting being more important and the idea of rescue becomes an afterthought that isn't even worth mentioning. Eventually, everyone ends up turning against Ralph as they join Jack's tribe, either willingly or by force, and he is hunted like a pig for trying to oppose Jack's rule. In the book Lord of The Flies, the islands represents a living hell for the boys. The island representing a hell can first be noticed when the plane the boys were on crashes leaving a “scar” on the island.(p.1) After the crash the boys are scattered and they realize that there are “no grownups” anywhere to be found on the island and there is no way to get off. The crash can be seen as their descent into the hell and the scar as the place they entered it. The lack of any adults takes away any support these kids once had forcing them to face the threat of not surviving, even though it may seem like a vacation at first it becomes clear to them that “they may stay there until they die”.(p.14) The island starts to resemble an eternal damnation with no salvation in sight or order. After the boys have been haunted by the idea of a beast they make a sacrifice by offering the head of a sow they killed in the middle of the a clearing of jungle on the island in an attempt to please the beast. Simon, a boy who had gone to investigate the beast, comes across this sacrifice and he is hypnotized in a way staring in a trance-like state and begins to have a conversation with the Lord of The Flies. The Lord of The Flies begins putting doubt into Simon's head and starts corrupting his mind coaxing him to have “fun” and speaks “I'm warning you” if he tries to resit the Lord's orders.(p.144) The Lord of The Flies is the devil of the island the boys have summoned by offering the sow's head, the Devil tries to corrupt Simon's thoughts to accept the hell he is in. The Devil's warning ends up holding true for Simon as when he goes and finds out the truth of the beast on the island he is mistaken for the beast himself and is hunted, with “no words, and no