Lord Of The Flies Political Analysis

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In the book Lord of the flies, there were some things that has a political theme to the story. The objects in the story has a theme connected to a political scene. These objects would the island as the world, and the conch the moral stands that everyone follows, the littluns as the general population and the hunters as the military.. The people in the book to whom represented ideologies of today and throughout history. These people are Jack as a tirant, Raph as a republic, fat kid as the democracy. Today, I am going to talk about how these things relate to a political standpoint.
The first thing that the topic is going to be talked about is how objects or groups of people.. Here were some things that the book metioned said such as the island as the world or country if you see it that way, the couch as the moral standards that the people of the island
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These characters are Ralph as the republic, Fat Kid as the democracy, and Jack as the tyrant. To start off, the character Ralph represents the republic because of these things. One, when he is in a meeting he calls out the group's leaders such as Jack for the hunters, Fat Kid for the littluns, and Ralph for the whole island. Another thing with Ralph as this type of system is that he would call out lot of meetings for the island. The Fat Kid of the book how represent the democracy of the book with a few examples here. For example in the beginning of the book when everyone was debating weather or not who should be leader, the Fat Kid asked that they should have a vote on who is leader. It worked well for the island. The person of the name Jack comes to mind I think of the person as a tyrant of the island. For example, when Ralph asked him for helping with the signal fire it seemed that he had other intentions that he wanted his way. So that caused contention on the island with the survivors. The thing this person wanted the most was power and nothing