Lord Of The Flies Ralph Leadership Analysis

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In the novel, Lord of the Flies, Ralph showed great leadership and responsibility. The author William Golding provided many examples of why Ralph is an exceptional leader. Throughout the book, from the first chapter to the last, Ralph continued to transform and refine his leadership abilities. Ralph and I are alike because we both demonstrate the skill set required to assume greater responsibility. In my opinion, Ralph is a good leader because he exhibited initiative, demonstrated fairness, and gained control. In the first chapter the author immediately established how Ralph demonstrated naturel leadership. One example is when Ralph blew the conch to bring the group of boys together. In the novel it says, “Ralph grasped the idea and hit the …show more content…
Golding exhibits Ralphs ability to unify, institute order, and establish structure within this chapter. Ralph tells Jack that he will be in charge of the hunters. He additionally tells Jack “no” several times further establishing his authority over the members of the group. Ralph found a way to create shelter, provide water and burn a signal fire to become rescued. He made rules for all the boys to fallow. “We’ll have to have ‘Hands up’ like at school.” (Golding 20). Ralph further inducts order by telling all the boys that “if you have the conch in a meeting you may speak but if not you must listen to the boy speaking”. Ralph created this rule so that the boys did not yell over one another. Golding repeatedly and clearly demonstrated that Ralph was a responsible fair leader. He had the exceptional ability to pull everyone together. Ralph was fair to all of the boys no matter what. He gave them all equal opportunities and kept them, to the best of his ability, safe and alive until they were rescued. I enjoyed the book and related to the characters in each chapter. Ralph was by far my favorite of the bunch. Although, he started off as a boy without a care he ended up being a leader who ultimately just wanted to get home safely with his