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Female growth In the Correctional System
Author: Sindy Carlial
Thesis: The Growth of Women working in correctional facilities is not only respected but necessary in today's correctional systems. Women bring a required skillset to the profession of correctional officer unlike male counterparts.
I. Introduction
A. According to a report filed by the MTC Institute, the archetype for supervision of prisoners at many correctional facilities is changing. Initially, the goal was restraint, control and punishment of prisoners. This invited behaviors customarily considered male-specific. Under this old standard, female officers were commonly only successful if they mirrored the attitudes of their male colleagues. The shift has seen a growing focus on the rehabilitation of prisoners, therapy and reintegration into society.
This goal requires a whole different set of skills that focuses on:
• Discussion
• Empathy
• Understanding
• Conflict resolution
II. Women have natural skills sets to help maintain control
A. Skills acquired by birth or experience
1. Problem Solving and Decision Making
3. Relating to emotion and family
4. Calming Influence inside Prisons

B. Role as Mother, Wife assets for the job
1 Study on women in the workplace
5. Interview with Female correctional officer
6. Interview with a male correctional officer
III. Statistics on female officers in the field
A. Gender Information and data
1 History of female officers in America
2 Bureau of Labor Statistics