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Counseling Theories
Lorretta Washington
Dr. Schatzman
PSY 6090
August 26, 2012

The psychological disorder that this learner chose to focus on is anorexia nervosa, is an eating disorder where the individual refuses to maintain a minimally normal body weight, is intensely afraid of gaining weight, and exhibits a significant disturbance in the perception of the shape or size of his or her body (DSM-IV, American Psychiatric Association 1994). Anorexia is not as prevalent as it once was but it still lingers in our society and allows for adolescents to be bullied for looking and eating differently. Yes these children have a problem but in most cases this is something that cannot be controlled by them or their families. A person that suffers from this disorder should be treated by doctors and mental health professionals. Encouraging emotions play a fundamental role in family therapy. Historically, the role of positive emotions has been obscured by the focus on specific interactions, behavioral sequences, and interactional patterns. When families come to therapy, it is often negative emotions that serve as a primary barrier to change, because family therapy is a process of facilitating positive emotions is necessary for successful therapeutic gains. Because family members are a main support for many people it is only necessary to treat such a disorder with this form of therapy because being a victim of anorexia is something that will be painful to overcome alone. Positive emotions also provide fuel for the motivation to take personal responsibility and work toward change; they also lead to positive emotions emerging as part of a crucial change mechanism, or a proximal outcome leading to some larger therapeutic goal.

Darien Wright is a sixteen year old track star in the tenth grade, everything seems to be going very well for him; he is number two in the 100meters relay and his relay team is number one district overall. Darien is the only sophomore on his relay team and he just knows as soon as those seniors graduate that number one spot is his. Darien has convinced himself that yes the juniors are fast but if he bulks up and losses a little weight he can be just as fast. He has been practicing daily, eating right, and weighing himself at least twice a week; but he is confused why does it feel like he is putting on weight? Darien looks in the mirror and sees distorted images of himself he does not have as much muscle but he attempts to suck it up and assumes it is just baby fat or late puberty. The next day at track practice Darien is eating jello for his daily snack before he begins to warm-up. He hears this loud yell coming from behind him saying gosh fat ankles can’t you wait until practice is over before you start feeding your face with those kiddy jello cups. Darien being the person that he is ignores the yelling and keeps eating the only other thing that he has consumed today is a nutri-grain bar for breakfast, two hard boiled eggs, a cupcake, and a bottle of water for lunch.
Darien is beginning to notice that his personality is changing he is becoming more secretive and even sometimes angry at things that should not even matter. Darien had his mother to go to their local Wal-Mart and purchase a full length mirror to check out his body and see where work was needed. The first thing he noticed was his abs could be more chiseled and his arms could stand to be a bit more toned. He started talking to himself stating those juniors and seniors think they all that but I am going to show them I could be number one with a little more hard work; what could they possibly be doing that I am missing. He states to himself I think I am eating way too much and drinking entirely too many sodas; I need to go on a diet of some sorts, but it will just be my secret no one needs to know. Darien believes that he has everything under control but does he? Darien starts his diet regimen of breakfast, lunch, dinner and a