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Personification and onomatapier
The sun smiles down at me
The ocean is waving hello SPLASH
The boys are playing with balls BANG
The sad sprinkles on my feet, The girls are tanning SIZZILE!
The boats are staring out at me their horns blowing TOOT TOOOT
The fish are in the ocean swimming in schools as they try to escape the splashes
The ice-creams are melting they want to say goodbye
The sandcastles are being built higher and higher ash the reach the sky
The dancing tress
The surfers are being tackled by the smiling waves
There swimmmers are hiding under them

I am superman, flying through outer space.

SIMILIE winter
It is as cold as ice
I am as freezing as a snowman
The air is breezing through my hair
My hot chocolate as warm as the sun,
Making me warmer with every sip I take
Waiting for the snow takes almost as long as waiting for summer
Warming up by the fire hatting the cold
The poring rain makes it feel as if buckets of water are being dumbed on you.
All the warm winter jackets are as cosy as being wrapped in a fire.
Going out to play outside as if it were summer
Summer days drifted away
Grey sky’s filled with clouds as if they are about to cry
Waiting for the flowers to blossom in spring
Waiting for winter to end.

The yellow pencil looks just like the sun
The blue paper looks like the blue ocean waves
The orange scissors look like the sand on a desert the white wooden desk looks almost like the clouds the stapler is as red like blood the painting is colourful like a rainbow my chair is gold like a kings