Los Alanos: A Short Story

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Karen , Paula and Drew went to Los Alanos .They passed through lots of tests. Luckily , all the results were good. They were all clean from radiation. High in the mountains around Los Alamos ;Paula,Drew and Karen had dinner.Karen was very happy.She wasn‘t going to die.She had a long life awaiting her. The next day ,they took the plane back to Oklahoma City. Karen had to go back because,that evening there was a Union meeting at the factory and after that,her meeting with Pete and the journalist from the New York Times.It was an important day for her.They arrived at the airport in the morning.Early in the evening, Karen drove to her house.Then Drew came.Normally,Drew was supposed to be at work at that time, but he left so that he …show more content…
They quickly surrounded them the moment they entered the avenue.Karen and Drew were saved .They quickly arrested the man for his attempt to kill Karen and Drew.At the police department,the inquiry of the man took hours.He confessed that the manager in the factory had sent him to kill Karen and get the brown envelope. Luckily,none of those plans succeeded.If ıt wasn’t Drew and his technics,both of them would be dead. After that , Drew and Karen went to their meeting with Pete and the journalist from New York Times as quickly as possible. The meeting went on for two hours.At the end,the brown envelope was very useful.They published all the proof,complaining about the dangers and the safety precautions which should be the matter of concern. After a week or two,things were different at the factory .Because of the article in the strictures were going around.Criticism of the factory administration was rough.Because of that,the precaution and the policy at the factory became the most important thing.And because of her efforts,Karen became the head manager of the factory.
Thanks to Karen,all the dangers were prevented and lots of lives were saved.If it wasn’t her,lots of people would be dead because of the dangers of