Los Angeles Police Department and Van Nuys Essay

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On Monday, May 11, 2015 from 6:00pm-8:00pm, the Councilwoman hosted a public safety town hall meeting at Van Nuys City Hall and it took place in the Council Chambers. In attendance was LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, Valley Bureau Deputy Chief Bob Green and Van Nuys Division Captains Lilian Carranza and Andrew Neiman. It was an opportunity for the community to share their thoughts and concerns about how we can address increased crime in Van Nuys. Stakeholders in the Van Nuys area were encouraged to attend this town hall meeting if there are issues that wanted to be addressed within the neighborhood in order to make our neighborhoods safe and improve the quality of life.
In addition to that I was able to ask a question towards the end of the meeting. My question was “What can you do about the homeless who have invaded the parks in the areas? As well as those who live in mobile homes that are parked next to tennis, basketball, and parking areas?” The reason I asked this question is because I work for the city I work at one the parks that has this problem. Since I have been there I have learn why some of the parks programs have not been as high in numbers that they had been before. Parents and children are scared to play soccer or basketball because we have homeless in tents or urinating right in front of the public without a care. Locals don’t like to use the outside restrooms because the homeless shower and bath or even have sexual intercourse as well as do drugs. This is something