Lose: Julius Caesar and Conspirators Honorable Men Essay

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Scene 1
Artemidorus’ letter
What does this Scene reveal about JC’s character?
The scene reveals that Caesar may be a little over confident; he thinks that he will be offered the crown again and the idea may be going to his head.
Short speeches-the effect
Trebonius distracts Antony (Cassius and Brutus notice)
Trebonius distracts Antony so he wouldn’t be there for Caesars murder.
Popilius’ remark to Cassius
Popilus’ remark to Cassius revealed that somehow the conspirators plan became known.
Metellus Cimber’s petition
Metellus Cimber comes up with a petition to allow his brother freedom after he was banished from Rom, Caesar refuses to sign
JC death words
Et tu, Brute?- means you too, Brutus?, Caesar is implying that he knew the conspirators may have ben scheming behind his back but he didn’t expect Brutus to be one of them.
No plans for afterwards
For the conspirator to not have a plan post Caesar’s death served against them because with every mater plan there is the event leading up to the death and event after it. Because they did not have a plan Antony was able to sway the people to his side. blood baths—remind us of?
The blood baths remind us of Calphurnia’s dream were the people of Rome were bathing in Caesar’s blood which spouted out of a fountain.
Foreshadowing in Cassius’ statement
Message from Antony-reveals his caution and slyness
Two faces of Antony which one is the true one?
Contrast his two statements about the dead Caesar
What favor does he ask of Brutus and Cassius?
Antony asks for the conspirators to kill him if they plan to because there is no other place he would rather die than beside Caesar.
What are the conditions? The condition of Antony is that he has to wait until Brutus calms down the people.
What does he really want from Rome?
Brutus wants Rome to continue to be a republic rather than being under the control of a single ruler.
Message from Octavius (the new triumvirate-power struggle begins)
Octavius says that he will be coming to Rome and Antony reply that Rome right now is to dangerous for him.
Who really loved Rome?
Antony loved rome. Scene 2
What do you mean by “honor”?
Honor roll
Word of honor your honor
I am honored to be here
Honorable mention
In honor of
Honor your mother and father
Honored guests
Antony is being sarcastic when he calls the conspirators honorable men because in truth he thinks that they are not honorable at all. Is Brutus an honorable man?
Yes he is an honorable man he did honorable deeds as a man but, when he murdered Caesar he was no longer were considered honorable. In his own heart he did not think he did wrong, he truly believed he was doing it for the sake of Rome. The mob as a character
The Mob altogether acted rationally and blindly went after the conspirators with out prior knowledge of them . they did thing on a whim and like the domino effect one followed what other one said. These action resulted in the death of an innocent