Essay on Losers: Gender Role and Women Expectation Word

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Society Expectations from Men & Women
Expectation word means to belief about something. We can say it can be a mental picture of the future regarding something. If we consider expectation in the case of uncertainty, it also considered the most likely to happen. Expectation regarding anything can be realistic or non realistic. The result of expectation in the case of less advantageous gives rise to the emotion of disappointment of the person.
In the opinion of famous sociologist “Robert King Merton” expectation is directly connected to the Self-fulfilling Prophecy. In all societies the men and women are differed by their social roles which limit and determine their attitudes and behavior. Gender roles and society’s are matters that unavoidably receive a great deal of attention. The factors influence society’s expectations for man and women diverge staggeringly across culture, geographical areas, and industries and even among families.
The traditional western gender role view was that men were the family “breadwinners” and women were the family “caregivers”. Due to these roles the majority of men and women came about to support and fulfill expectations of these roles; for example, men used their communication via the attitude of the body (body language) to argue for wives, jobs, dominance and the like. Women; on the other hand, used their body language to argue for husbands, raise children, show compliance and the like.
There are extremely liberal stereotypes of course,