Loss: Of Mice and Men and Life Essay

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The feeling before one loses someone or something they love is nearly worse
than after one is lost. The days before I took my dog to the vet I had heard my parents
talk about he was going to be put down and I tried hiding my dog from them. He was
sick but I didn’t want him to leave me, he was the one person who wold keep my
company and rush to the door when I got home. After he was put down I could not help
but feel relieved, he was no longer hurting and the DMT in his body probably gave him
an amazing experience.

Not long after, I still missed him but I was not constantly thinking of him, the
feeling that he would not be in pain or be sick comforted me. In his last days he seemed
to want to be close to people but he didn’t have the energy, he was ready to go.

Many others have lost people they loved, from close friends to parents and
siblings, but having to alienate them because they could hurt people is one of the worse
feelings. George and Lennie from the novel Of Mice and Men suffered one of the worse
loses possible; Lennie was loved but he could not be dealt with and he was hurting
those around him. George tried to make peace the easiest way, he made Lennie happy
and took his life. George loved Lennie the same way one would love their little brother,
and although he was a hassle and talked about how much easier life would be without
him he kept him around because he loved him and he was the only one there to keep
him company.

Everyone needs someone too keep them company, it is one of the scientific
necessities to live along with food and shelter; without it George would not survive. On
the other hand having someone close can also have negative effects. Losing someone
close can cause sorrow and depression, and having to push them away can make you
hate yourself for being the reason you are not close to them. Lennie had physically and
emotionally hurt to many people, from the mice that he would squish accidentally to
Curly’s wife. Curly’s wife did not cause sadness nearly as much as loosing Lennie
himself, readers feel bad for Lennie and do not care what he did to the woman as she
abused the men who worked at the ranch. Lennie was innocent, he did not know what
he had done to those around him, and when he was killed he was being tricked into
thinking about bunnies and where he would live in the future, although for a good
reason. It lowered the pain for George to know that Lennie was happy when he died
and that is what helped me get over…