Lost Boys Essay

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Emma Mills
Mrs. Hamilton
English II
30 April 2013
Part of their culture is based on self-efficiency and independence which is shown in this book. Independence and self-efficiency are portrayed as very positive things, but also negative things in the book. They are viewed as positive things in the book through the Sudanese’s believes that if they become self-efficient and self-reliant in the United states, they can help their family and friends in Sudan. They are portrayed as negative things through the film because as the Sudanese refugees become more self-efficient and independent, they become increasingly lonely and alienated. This book explains that anything can prove to be good or bad. The “American Dream” and the “Sudanese American Dream” are very similar. They are basically comprised of the same characteristics. The difference is more in how much they value each characteristic and also why they are valued so much. That is best shown through family, money, and education. The “Sudanese American Dream” values less material things more compared to the “American Dream”. The “Sudanese-American Dream” values family and education more than anything else. The refugees also value money highly but only because they feel that if they make enough money they will then be able to help their families out of the situation in Sudan. The “Sudanese-American Dream” is based mainly on bettering oneself and putting others first.
The “American Dream” is much more superficial as compared to the “Sudanese American Dream”. The “American Dream” is based generally on putting yourself first. That is easy to tell by the most highly valued things which include money, cars, houses, and other material things. Things like