Lost in the Big Apple Essay

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Lost in the big apple I came from The Republic Democratic of Congo in November 2000. In a program called diversity visa lottery, the program that the US government organize each year and many country are eligible to apply for that lottery; consequently, 50,000 people come into the US every year with their family. I was among the lucky person to come in the US with that program.
I was living with my brother and my sister in law in Manahan, in their apartment. Arrived on Friday evening in New York I felt dizzy because all along my way, I was seeing only the giant building. I had only two day of rest, and on Monday of the next week I went with my sister in law to get my registration for English class in private school run a Chinese lady, because I came from a country where they were speaking French and it was urgent to learn English before I start going anything.
Because my sister in law have to go to work, she left me at that school and give, the map and give me the direction how to go back home.
Immediately after my English class, I left my English school and followed all the direction my sister in law gave me and reached home with any problem. The next day, as my class usually start at 11 o’clock in the morning, at 9:30 Am, I left the apartment with my map in my hand, walk a half mile and reach the subway station where I found a crowd waiting few minute later the subway stopped making noises, everybody rush to get in the metro meanwhile I was pay extreme attention to listen what the metro attendant was saying but I could understand only little of what he was saying because he was talking so fast, therefore I wasn’t sure if I get the right subway; nevertheless, I get in the subway and we start going with a big speed, and the subway was stopping to different station, being new in this country and having language barrier I made the mistake and I get up in the wrong station, but I did not realize that I made a mistake.
While I was walking thinking I was doing in the right direction, but I was already lost.
After about 10 minutes of walk, I realize that I was heading to the wrong direction, in the fall morning at about 20 degree F, my shirt was wet with sweat , my heart was beating quickly I can feel