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Lost Lake Every year for as long as I can remember my family has visited one of the most beautiful places in Surprise Valley. Getting to the lake is a always a challenge, however. The road to get to Lost Lake is about twenty miles away from the main town in Surprise Valley. After going uphill for four miles to get to the turn to go towards Lost Lake, the road becomes so rocky it is almost unbearable in a vehicle. The scenery around Lost Lake is a thing of beauty. Small creek going through the road the whole way up to Lost Lake, small waterfalls that I can hear roaring from the road are often as well. Trees cover the road and make a magical forest feeling. There are wild horses roaming through the forest at Lost Lake, along with squeaking chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, and chirping birds. Once the road starts to get towards Lost Lake, the trees open up and show a huge, crystal clear, gleaming lake that sparkles in the sunlight. The air smells so fresh and the scent of pine goes throughout the entire lake area. There is nothing but forest surrounding the gleaming lake with astonishingly tall pine trees throughout the entire forest. Beaver dams encircle the entire lake, rainbow trout are constantly jumping throughout the lake. At Lost Lake there are many things to do. My Uncle's favorite thing to do is go fly fishing. He puts heavy weightiers on, gets into an inner tube, and heads out into the lake with his favorite fly fishing pole in hopes of catching some fish for a dinner that we can cook over the roaring camp fire later. My mom, likes to hike to the huge waterfall that is about five miles away from our favorite campsite. I like to hike around the huge, circular lake, observing the intricately built dams that the beavers had made and observing the blue birds chirping above me, rabbits, bushy tailed squirrels running up and around trees, and chipmunks running over logs, and the beavers swimming around the lake busily. After a long day of fly fishing for rainbow trout, exploring the lake and the busy animals that surround it, and hiking to the roaring waterfall, my