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Hunter Cox
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November 5, 2014

Jack The Savage

In the book "The Lord of The Flies" by William Golding a small civilization of children is slowly torn apart by a boy named Jack. Jack ,throughout the novel, has only cared about himself and his own interests. He reeks havoc and turns many of the other boys into uncivilized savages. His mind is consumed by violence and power which, in the end, results in the death of multiple children. Ever since the young boys landed on the island jack has only cared about himself and his own interests. All he cares about is hunting and making himself chief instead of what is best for the tribe. He fails to complete tasks and stay focused on what needs to be done only making it harder for the tribe. "There was a ship. Out there. you said you would keep the fire going and you let it out!" Ralph exclaimed after jack and his hunters failed to keep the fire going. instead of sticking to their duties they had played down by the beach while they were supposed to be keeping the fire going. Jacks selfishness prevented everyone from finally being rescued and this is something that affects everyone in the tribe tremendously. Jack is consumed with getting everyone to hate Ralph so he could be the chief, but he realizes he can't convert enough kids to his side to overrule Jack. He then creates his own tribe with his hunters and begins to convert other children to his tribe. He states to Ralphs tribe "Listen all of you. Me and my hunters, were living along the beach by a flat rock. we hunt and feast and have fun. If you want to join my tribe come and see us. Perhaps I'll let you join. Perhaps not." As time goes on more kids move to Jacks tribe and are turned into Jacks savages. At one point there is a feast and everyone is yelling and chanting, when a boy named Simon comes out of the forest. in thought of the beast many of the boys attack Simon and violently beat him. By the end of it Simon is lying lifelessly in the ocean water, due to the uncivil work of the savages. So many people left to Jack's tribe that the only kids remaining in Ralph's tribe were Piggy, Sam, and Eric. The savages had decided that they needed fire for a smoke signal and Jack announced to them "We shall take fire from the others!". The savages end up stealing Piggy's spectacles in order to create a fire and this starts much conflict between the two tribes. Stealing from Ralphs tribe and not even coming to any agreements shows the maturity of Jack as a leader and why so much anger is created between the two tribes. When Ralph and his few followers attempted to retrieve piggy's spectacles from Castle Rock fighting begins between Ralph and Jack. A trap created by the savages malfunctions during the fight and ends up killing piggy in the process sending him off a cliff. Jack's inability to confront Ralph in a civilized manner causes another death. Some could say that Ralph had been just as much of the cause of chaos on the island as Jack. True Ralph could had handled some situations between him and jack better to create less tension between the