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September 11, 2000
Dear Jack, I am writing to guide you through all your hard choices, mistakes, and problems that you might have had on the island. You will need to know how to survive, manage the other boys, and many other skills that you do not yet have. This letter can be used as a resource, you can also use this letter when you are having difficulties, not only on the island but in life as well. Remember anger only leads to destruction not success. With that being said, I will see you later on in future conversations. In the beginning of your journey, you wanted to become chief but that dream was taken away by Ralph. “I ought to be chief,” said Jack with simple arrogance, “because I’m chapter chorister and head boy…” (pg.22) “Ralph! Ralph!” “Let him be chief…” (pg.22) I know how you feel towards your election of being chief. I was once rejected too when I wanted to become the captain for my soccer team but unfortunately, it was not my choice. I was very disappointed at myself but understood the choices others made and decided to make the best of it. Let me tell you something Jack, not everyone gets to be someone they want to be, you just have to understand the nature of that and work harder next time to accomplish your goal, do not let depression fall into your hands. The text “Jack began to dance and his laughter became a blood-thirsty snarling,” (pg.64) really brought out meaning and thoughts to my mind. This is really important because it shows how you were morphing into an animal, with the kind of “blood-thirsty snarling” you would be associated with a man-eating tiger rather than a twelve year-old choirboy. Jack, why did you let power take control over you as if it were tobacco telling you what to do and taking over your life as well? An advice I have for you is to manage your power for good and not take advantage and misuse it. Power was said to be very good and sometimes evil, but it shall be determined by the way the ruler chooses it to be and the way he uses it. Jack may I ask you a personal question, were your parents ever abusive to you or were they constantly working which cause your darkness and depression? Loneliness can lead to many horrible perspectives of your own. I have felt that depression and loneliness on my own due to the fact that my parents were always at work. I would constantly think to myself, “Am I nothing to them” “Do they even love me?” and others that I cannot even explain. What I am trying to say is, you will always have the environmental affects you had when you were a