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Carly Ebisuya
Ms. Thomas
English 2H
3 March 2015
Dear Jack Merridew,
It feels like it has been many days since I saw you last, even on this dreary, unusual island. I am not sure about your tribe, but my boys are all healthy and well. Oh Jack, I’m sick and tired of our groups splitting up and picking sides. This isn’t a game of who can get more food or find the beast. It’s about getting rescued and off this island. However, with the way you’re controlling your boys, that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. I mean, hunting is great and all for food and shelter, but how will that help us in the long run if we don’t get rescued?
I think that if you could have helped around more with Piggy and I setting up the signal fire and building the huts, maybe we could have been home now. When you were obsessed with catching your first pig, you lost sight of our goal which was to get home. Also, you’re just using hunting as an excuse to avoid the real work. Instead of me controlling the boys in my group, we work together and get our duties done faster and more efficient than your tribe. Our constant signal fire is consistently burning throughout the day and night. With our fire fueling, we have a much better chance of being rescued.
You are known for your hunting and also leadership skills, the way you get peoples’ attention and your sense of power is compelling. I realize that hunting is extremely necessary to survive on an island, or anywhere for that matter. Without food you cannot live, and it is great that you provide meat for the boys. Your presence is also dominant when you come around. With

your authoritarian and vigorous drive its easy to convince people to follow your lead. In addition,
I do appreciate your sense of protection from the beast and not letting it harm us or our territory.
It’s always good to stay protected from the unknown, especially the beast. However, like I said before, I realize that hunting is great for finding meat for the boys because they need food.
Having followers behind you, hunting, and leading a group of boys is great, but it’s not a step toward being rescued. Hunting pigs, protecting us from the beast, and