Lou Gehrig and Greatest Accomplishment Essays

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There are many people who will look upon a small blade of green grass as a weed, with no point or need to remain. However, those small blades of grass grow a little each day. If the gardener continues to cut them down, how will anyone know if it is a mere blade of grass or a small start of a beautiful rose bush? Through jobs and responsibilities of various organizations have I been given the opportunity to grow. The opportunity to acquire helpful skills, encouraging people, and benefiting knowledge will forever have an impact on my life, which I believe is my greatest accomplishment of my first year at Northeastern State University.
At the beginning of the semester, I thought I may have put a little more than I could handle on my plate. With two jobs, classes, homework, and friends, I doubted my ability to find time for me. However, between the hours spent studying for Chemistry test and the extra shift at Reasor’s to help pay for gas, I found a happy medium among it all. With several of the scholarships I received there were service requirements, but it wasn’t because of the requirements that I found what I love to do. Before coming to college I looked at community service as a duty, and more times than not, an unpleasant one. But through the organizations I joined, the people I met, and the stories we shared I began to look at service as more than that. I met so many passionate individuals on campus who inspired me to not just do the bare minimum. People who taught me that going beyond what is required will often shed light on a greater reward than what is offered. And because of this, I found reason to continue on with what I will consider my greatest accomplishment. The organizations I joined made me realize how the littlest things mean the world to some people. In early January, an organization put a benefit together for a family friend fighting ALS, known to many as Lou Gehrig's disease. Although I have