Lou Ureneck's Childhood Experiences

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A cop carried me out the house and put me in the back of the police car with a teddy bear, He told me they were taking my mother to get help. Once I learned the truth promised myself my children would never experience that pain. Childhood experiences shape ones adulthood Backcast: Fatherhood, Fly-fishing and a River Journey Through the Heart of Alaska by Lou Ureneck is a memoir of a man with a dysfunctional childhood which molds him into an adult. Lou’s memoir is a reflection of his childhood along with his desperate need to save him relationship with his son after his divorce from his wife of twenty years. He decides to take his son on an ill prepared fishing trip to Alaska, so they can bond over fishing and repair their relationship. Lou’s childhood experiences from adults led him to anxiety, quest for stability, family and a fear of divorce. …show more content…
In a study of Long-term Effects of Divorce by D.Wayne Matthews he writes, “Children of divorce tend to become more conservative morally than their parents. They also adopt more traditional views of how marriage and family ought to be,” (pg 5). In Lou’s case his mother’s divorce caused him to emulate what he envisioned a family was, when he married Patti. He worked a steady job and provided for his wife. Lou built a study home with his bare hands because he craved the stability he lacked as a child. Ureneck states, “…I can see that the past was directing me like some hidden gyroscope, bending me in the direction of stability, permanence and a complete family. These were things I had missed as a boy and determined to get as a man,” (71). Lou’s subconscious drove him to build a home even though at the time he assumed he build it to save money. Lou’s quest for stability was a direct effect of his