Louis Vuitton in Japan Essay

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Louis Vuitton in Japan Case Study
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What has made LV’s business model successful in the Japanese Luxury Market?
Japanese luxury market has often placed the greater deal about value on quality along with exclusivity of the products that are being offered as well as it is the critical success factor for the luxury brands within Japan. Fact, which Louis Vuitton has regularly concentrated on enhancing the quality of their product portfolio, has been the important element towards brand’s success in between Japanese luxury market.
What made LV’s business model successful within Japanese Luxury has been most important because of the aggressive marketing strategy that they have adopted in
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However, through providing architectural stores with the interior design comparable to found in their flagship stores within Paris, Louis Vuitton has been capable of revolutionizing entire buying experience in store matching emotion brought out through products.
For strengthening their presence within the Japan Louis Vuitton opted for many others strategies, like hiring Marc Jacob who was created new energy for every ready to wear collection, mixing tradition as well as innovation however in addition through collaborating with the Japanese artists along with launching lesser editions products (exclusivity perceive through consumers) that allows Louis Vuitton to enhance their profit right away.
With Japanese economic boom of 1980, Louis Vuitton saw the real option along with decided for entering within this Asian market. However the strategy adopted through company had been totally separate along with uncommon from rest of the world wide actors. Rather, Louis Vuitton had been initially multinational for opening their individual shop in shops through establishing their own subsidiaries, concentrated on only 1 brand of their portfolio. LV did not use usual supply chain schema along with help of the Japanese distributors however exported their products, straightly from