louis XVI Essay

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The French Revolution, which included Napoleon’s reign, is considered a major turning point in world history. The revolution led to major changes in France and other nations and regions of the world. As a result, the people in the world had to conform to new economic, political and social adaptations.
Economically the world was going through a strenuous period of time. The primary reason for the French Revolution came from Louis XVI and his over control of everything. King Louis XVI was an absolute monarch that ruled by the divine right theory (the right to rule from God). Louis XVI made certain decisions including, choosing all military generals and officers, and creating and enforcing laws. He also had the power to declare war and make peace. He taxed everything and spent people’s money on what he thought was right and not what was good for his people. Louis took many precautions to make sure that what his people wanted was not what followed. He had the power to put anyone in prison without trial for any amount of time he thought fit. During his rule he lived in a palace at Versailles, completely oblivious to the rising tide of his country. While Louis XVI was hidden in his palace peasants became unemployed and starved to death. The National Assembly, renamed Third Estate, got together and discussed what to do. The Declaration of the Rights of Man was created. Louis XVI didn’t want to accept these changes. Nobles didn’t accept it either because they wanted to keep…