Essay on Louis Xvi of France and French Revolution

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French Revolution The French Revolution was a period of time were the absolute monarcy collapsed within three years. France went through an epic transformation, during this transformation all thoughts of religious authority was overthrown with thoughts of inalienable rights and freedom. All of this started after The American Revolution, were the people of France realized that what their country needed was a not a monarchy and religious authority but equality, citizenship and inalienable rights. France was fed up with their monarchy and how easiley they spent their money,and watched how they all starved. So they finally killed their King, Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette. After their monarch was destroyed everything was absolute chaos. Their was a rise in deaths and causes of most deaths were ridiculous. During this time France was doing poorly in finance. In May 1776, France's finance minister, Turgot was dismissed once he had failed to enact reform. A year later, Jacques Necker, who was a forginer, was made Comptroller-General of Finance. Necker soon realized how unfair lower classes were being taxed. Necker argued that the country would not be taxed higher, but both nobility and clergy needed to be reduced. Necker proposed that by borrowing more money it would most likely solve the country's fiscal shortages. Necker was fired when King Louis XVI refused to accept the fact that both nobility and clergy would be taxed. The Estates-General was organized into three estates. These three estates were, the clergy, the nobility and what was left of France. The 1614 rules differed from practices from local assembiles, each member was given one vote and third estate membership were doubled. Necker convened a Second Assembly of Notables, this