Louise Davies Unit 149 Develop and evaluate operational plans for own area of Essay

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Louise Davies Unit 149 Develop and evaluate operational plans for own area of Responsibility.
Outcome 1.
1.1 Identify operational objectives within own area of responsibility. My area of responsibilities state in our operational plan is that:-
It is my role to ensure that we have sufficient staff on daily basis in order to meet the relevant staff/child ratios. Any over staffing we have should be utilised in an appropriate manner, for example the other day we had some children not come in due to illness so I decided to take some paperwork and sit to one side and update it. I was still in the room should the staff need me.
Organise staff meetings on a regular basis to discuss any issues we
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My role of responsibility will to ensure that as a playgroup:-

Offering a good service to the users and that it is being delivered to a high standard.
Staff are aware of their responsibilities/doing their job effectively and are enrolled on any courses that are relevant to move playgroup forward.
The Foundation Phase is being delivered appropriately and all areas being covered working closely with our co-ordinator.
Care standards of all children being met to high standards and any child needing support it is dealt with appropriately, providing fairness for all children attending.
(please also refer to 1.1)
As we are a small playgroup and I am the manager, every area will fall to me except in the area of finance. If I do not update policies and procedures accordingly to the changes required it can become an issue especially with care standards and Estyn. It is in the best interest of protecting the children that this should be done and policies reviewed as and when required.
The recruitment of children is area that staff can have some input on with regards to advertising, ideas on how it can be done. It is in the best interests of all staff to have an input as without recruiting children there would be no playgroup therefore no jobs for staff. Although if I am not proving a service to a high standard or doing my job properly, for example failing to deliver the Foundation Phase appropriately or not meeting/exceeding care standards recommendations then nobody