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Dear Hunter,
I love you. I love you so much. I just want to talk to you about our relationship and falling in love with you. I remember how I fell in love with you...On the first day of school I noticed you walking to second period. I was leaving history and I think you were going to math. I noticed you and I was dying to know who you were. I was immediately attracted to you. I told Zoe that one day I'd date you and that I had a crush on you on the very first day. For weeks and weeks I told all my friend I had a crush on you and I kept pointing you out to my friends. Finally I found you on Facebook and it broke my heart that you had a girlfriend. I was still crushing on you but I didn't tell you because I knew you had a girlfriend. I just became so close with you. We were like best friends and the only thing we'd do in person is say hi. I'd walk by you and wave and smile and you'd smile and wave. Sometimes it made me nervous to wave to you so I would walk quickly with Zoe past you. I remember the day you and Carmen broke up. I asked you if you were upset and you said eh not really, and I was shocked that you weren't so upset. While you were dating her I got so jealous when you posted things about her and when you were on the phone with her. But I remember that day you went to a basketball game at Henderson international and I told you I lived right by there. And after that we just started talking and becoming closer and closer until I REALLY started falling for you. I went to New Orleans and I remember we couldn't talk a lot because you were in South Dakota and you were busy and so was I. I remember you'd send me goodnight texts and we were saying I love you already. I wanted you so badly to be my boyfriend...and I didn't know why you wouldn't ask me out. I was so excited to hang out with you when I got back in town after Christmas. When I saw you at the movies I remember I jumped up from out of my seat and ran down the stairs and gave you a big hug. You wouldn't stop talking during the movie but it was so cute when you held my hand. We were always so awkward in the beginning of our relationship. I also remember the day you asked me out...on my birthday. I kept asking Kennedy and people in my 6th period how I should say yes to you if you asked me out. I was like should I say yeah? Yes? Yep? Or of course? I was so nervous. And after you asked me out I walked home and started running with Kennedy yelling and screaming because I was so excited. I remember I went home and posted on Facebook 1-12-12❤️ Some day you'll have to tell me how you experienced the beginning of our friendship and relationship❤️ I'm so happy I met you baby❤️ You've made my life so much better❤️ I'm so so happy I noticed you and looked you up on facebook❤️ Thank you for being here for me and just being such an amazing boyfriend. You've been here for me through everything, and it means so much to me❤️ I remember our one year anniversary like it was yesterday.. I bought that pink shirt that I thought was so cute but it's actually really not cute haha. I loved going iceskating with you and kissing you there❤️ I'm in love with you Hunter, I really am. You're special to me Hunter. You're like nobody else. When I see other guys I don't even think anything about them. It's only with you. It's only with you that I feel this comfortable, it's only you who gives me butterflies. It's only you who makes me smile and laugh as much as you do. You're just so handsome baby. You have the bluest most beautiful eyes and I'm in love with them and you're smile. Your hugs make me feel so loved and they just make my day. You know something baby? I just love touching you. Not in a weird way. I just love holding your hand or scratching your back or laying my hand on your hand. I just feel so safe if I'm just touching you. Especially when I'm laying in your arms. I feel so warm safe and loved. It's