Love and Colloquial Language Essay

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I think the sailors used colloquial language because back in that era they would not of had as much education as we have had today, their education would have been much poorer than ours. They probably did not learn to speak proper English or to read and write very much and that’s why they spoke the way they did. I think the use of colloquial language in this book made the story more authentic because it made it more interesting to read. It made me feel as if I was on the boat with them, learning the language a sailor would speak. Because the story was based and written as a true story, the language used matched the period of time in which the story was set. I feel that if the story was written without the use of colloquial language it would have just defeated the whole purpose of the storyline. The use of colloquial language helped set the mood, tone and theme of the story and made it more believable as that was the way people from that era spoke back then. I would definitely not have felt like I was on the Endeavour with the crew had the author not of used this form.
If I were to be claimed by a god, I believe I would be claimed by Hera who is the Greek Goddesses of Love and Marriage. She represents commitment and has the ability to make a lifetime commitment, is assertive and gets angry at betrayal, has a deep instinct to protect and nurture, is faithful, possesses jealously, is a loyal friend, helpmate, assistant and wants to be loved because of her sacrifice. All of these to an extent are everything that represents me if not more.
The main quality of commitment that Hera represents is what I consider to be one of my most important traits that I own. Even though I am not in a relationship with anyone, I still believe I am committed or would be if I were to be in one. My commitment that I have is not only to a relationship, it is also outside of it as well. Being that I am committed to everything that I do, putting in 110% every time. I also believe I also have the ability to make a lifetime commitment to the person that I love, even when one day I was to get…