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The topic of love or communication through love has been a very interesting subject for me since I matured and became the person I am today. There are certainly many different types of love and thousands of its expressions, which are generalized into just one word love. For me, love is associated with the Universe. I strongly believe that love isnt only a part of human existence, but equally the part of the Universe. When I look at life, I see the balance in the Universe. Every day there is one part of day light and the other part of darkness. There are four seasons may be in the summer there is a little rain, and it is balanced by an autumn with heavy rain. Love is the passion which will help me to find the same balance in my life. In fact, I think that love and communication are the two most important aspects of society today. I found this book very interesting for two reasons. First, I am happily married and want my relationship always to be positive and to last forever. Second, I recently left my native country Russia, and immigrated here to the USA. I desire very much to communicate. It is a real challenge for me to make new friends here. I think this book is important to the field of psychology. Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior. This book Loving Each Other deals with love and communication, the basis of all human behavior. Healthy physical and mental existence isnt possible without knowing and experiencing loving, positive feelings towards each other. This book attempts to deal with the basis of all human communication, the loving relationship. The author, Leo Buscaglia gives an enlightening thesis about loving relationships. He states that relationships are like living things. The author addresses the complexities of human relationships. He points out the important qualities of love and communication, and tells many amusing stories , both from his poor Italian-American family. He also relates to examples of references of other authors. How do you say I love you It comes in infancy with the words me, milk and mama. But later in early life we find it difficult to show that we love one another or to say these words. Dialog becomes a monologue. We speak but only we hear. But in true dialogue, when we speak, we stimulate the partner in the relationship. Honesty and forgiveness are very important in the healthy relationship. Tell often ,complement, let me know, express joy, respond, dont invalidate, listen without making judgment, touch, respect and let others know I love you. The author emphasizes forgiving. He remarks, forget the past, move forward, and judge not. . The chapter about laughter was especially interesting to me when the author described healing patients just by making them laugh. The chapter about jealousy describes the different ways that humans respond to their insecurity of jealousy. A myriad of psychological responses are given.... aggression, repression, withdrawal, role playing a martyr, or a sadist. The secret to intimacy is to be open and fearless in a relationship, that is not to be afraid. I feel that the author clearly expresses his ideas and I especially found his warm stories about his life very interesting and helpful in developing his ideas. Unfortunately he doesnt give any statistical evidence to support his ideas and conclusions. There are no control studies or experiments. The book is addressed to the general public, but especially to educated professional people. There is a real challenge in sustaining loving relationships because there are two people who are changing everyday. First you must know yourself and get rid of pettiness, because little things ruin relationships. The author offers some suggestions for a happy relationship. They are 1. Bring spontaneity into the relationship, that is just let things happen. 2. Be thoughtful, that is, make your partner have a good day. 3. Stop trying to