Love and Father Essay

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My name is Catherine, Im 25 years old and Im the daughter my deceased father, Robert a great mathematician. Some may say that Im smart like he was but I really don’t care. Im a college dropout because I had to take care of my ill father & cause I cared about him a lot. I just don’t trust those doctors at those institutions. I’d rather know that he’s safe with me. I’ve spent so many years taking care of him, all by myself, no thanks to Claire, my sister. Some sister she is. She left me all alone with him to take care of while she spent her great life in NY. I hate her. I’m worried about myself. I keep thinking that I’m carrying my father’s illness, as if its making me sound crazy like him. I’m really hoping that I haven’t inherited his damn illness inside me. I mean for the love of God! I reimagined my dad and thought that I was talking to him when really, I was talking to myself. I’m worried that I might not be able to control it or myself. I’m not a very social type of person, I hate everyone, yell at everyone and therefore I really don’t have any friends. How sad. Claire has taken the nerve to think that I’m a crazed, depressed lunatic and that I should be looked after. She wants to put me in a mental institution. IM NOT CRAZY! And I don’t need anyone’s help, especially hers. However, with dad gone, I don’t really know what to do with my life anymore. I don’t really care much about it. She tried to trick me into going with her to NY with her advice about how beautiful the city is, but she really wants to get me the “best care possible”. How cute. I refused. Hal, (Dad’s student) is