Essay on Love and Graffiti Moon

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Graffiti Moon is a story about love. Do you agree?

The novel Graffiti Moon, written by Cath Crowley, follows the Love, heartbreaks and nose breaks of Lucy, Ed and Shadow over one adventurous night back in the day in Melbourne. The story is about love and how it is not always perfect. Lucy, Ed and the other characters learn how relationships are not perfect or how they imagine them to be. Lucy thinks Shadow is perfect but when they meet he is not all what she expected him to be.
Lucy always fantasises about Shadow, she absolutely loves him. Shadow is all Lucy thinks about, she thinks he is perfect based on his art. Lucy judges Shadow by what she sees in his paintings. She mentions “A guy who paints things like that I could fall for. Really fall for”, this demonstrates how Lucy is actually starting to fall for Shadow though they have never met. Lucy would do almost anything to meet Shadow. Even though he dropped out of school she tells herself “let me tell him he’s still smart and funny, tell him that some of my most beautiful glass pieces have cracks running through them”. By saying this she wants him to be perfect though he isn’t all that she wanted him to be.
Ed and Lucy’s first date did not go all that well, though the date was not perfect it may have benefited them in the end. On their first date Ed ‘accidently’ touched Lucy’s arse so she punched him in the face and broke his nose, later in the novel Lucy says “you grabbed my arse” and Ed replies with “You broke my