Love and Great Gatsby Essay examples

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Madison Colling
Mr. Allen
1st period, English II
November 26, 2012
Great Gatsby Essay There are many different types of love presented in The Great Gatsby. Throughout the novel, we never really get a real definition of love. However, it shows that what people believe is love, may actually just be an allusion. Each character in the novel shows a different type of love towards each other. The Great Gatsby is an example of a great love story, but in reality, it is not. Tom and Daisy have a complicated, yet simple relationship. However, they do not seem to really be in love with each other. Tom is more in love with the fact that he has money and Daisy is letting him have an affair with Myrtle in New York. They seem to be at ease and sheltered with their money and status. Although this is not how a relationship should be, they both seem okay with it because they are getting by comfortably in life. Jay Gatsby and Daisy had a good relationship many years ago. However, much has changed since then. Jay still has very genuine feelings for Daisy but she is settled down with Tom, who does not actually care much about her. Because Jay’s feelings for her are still very strong, he refuses to give up on her. He throws house parties almost every night hoping that Daisy, who lives right across the street from him, might show up to one eventually. Daisy seems to still love Jay, but she does not want to be with him because she does not want to leave the way her life is right now, where she is rich and comfortable. The relationship between Tom and Myrtle is a great example of social classes. It shows how different two people on opposite ends of the