Love and Important Friend Essay

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Patrice Mason
I recently met this person named ’’Estella Dominiquez’’ who was in a relationship for about seven years now and who has been abused. ‘’Estella’’ was the only person in my life that I’d knew who gotten abused. She became a very important friend to me; I’ve tried to do everything I can to help her cope with her issues. ‘’Estella’’ had a daughter name ‘’Nicole’’ who was six years old. ‘’Estella’’ needed and wanted to get out of her situation, each and every day. ‘’Estella’’ had to attend college in the mornings and work full time at nights. ‘’Estella’’ thought she was in love with this person who keep abusing her emotionally, physically & sexually. ‘’Nicole’’ and ‘’Jasmiin’’ got into an issued while ‘’Estella’’ was at work and she had to deal with the consequences all by herself. It was very real hard for ‘’Estella’’ to leave her but she had a friend who pushed her to leave the relationship, which who didn’t criticize nor judge her for any of her flaws. This friend was there for her before a friend or family even talked to her about the issue. This girl helped her become stronger, wiser, and also pushed her to pursue hers dreams. The results were that ‘’Estella’’ left her lover, move on with her life and was continuing to pursued her education. I want to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Crisis Counseling. I enjoy helping people; I love to listen to people stories and sharing my thoughts and opinions. Everyone comes to me for help when they are in a crisis and…