Love and Inspirational Speech Essay

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Inspirational speech – Music for every occasion

There was music there for every mood I was in.

When I felt like “getting Jiggy with it” I just slammed the volume high on the “Woox” bass system and I was gone. Too bad if my neighbours were studying because I just had to let loose. The good thing was that even if the neighbours came banging on the door for me to turn it down I could not hear them! Nanananananana...nanana

When I was ...uhh... in love... there music to go with it. The music took that intangible and inexpressible feeling of being in love and turned it into words that made sense. And even without words the instruments could express it so clearly. I could just lie down on the bed, stare at the roof and listen.. and I knew:“Love will find a way; Anywhere I go ; I'm home; If you are there beside me.”

Well... it didn’t always find a way. But it did at the right time.

When I was sad I could count on the music. Not so much to cheer me up, but to share the sadness with me. Sometimes you need to wallow in your misery a little and have your pity party. And perhaps even... a good cry. Boys II Men told me to “just hold on”... They said:

“I know you've been going through some things
The pain you hold inside's written on your face
Well, so am I, but I know things can change
Well, you can die, you can sigh, you can cry, till you’re midnight blue
But that's not you, no, no
Cause I know you're stronger
And I felt stronger through the music.

Inspirational speech – the loss of a love
Then, shortly after I finished my studies I had to sell the computer. I lost all the music despite my best efforts to copy it... it was all copy-protected.

That was a huge blow and I have never gotten myself to get back into collecting music as much as I did then. I haven’t enjoyed music as much as I did then.

Yesterday, as I came from work I felt really tired and drained of energy. So, remembering how much music had helped me over the years I decided to take the long route home and listen to some music on the way.

Inspirational speech – the reclaiming of a love
So I started with some Jimmy Buffet’s “Everywhere you go you always take the weather with you”

Then I remembered R. Kelly and slipped in the CD. “Men, it’s been a while,” I thought. Yo, Kelly, show me what you got, baby!SO we started “stepping