Love And Loss Displayed In Shakespeare's Othello

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The story of love and loss explored in Othello is one many have very strong opinions on. Some say Othello was innocent, some say he deserved everything he got. I will analyse two critic responses as well as having my own input to review the story of Othello and to answer the question of weather the idea that Othello’s actions were caused by jealousy.

Personally I think Othello was a lot like Shakespeare’s other pieces. Lovers who aren’t meant to be together, someone who is jealous of them so betrays them. The death of one lover that results in the death of another one. I also think Othello deserved to die. He was possessive, manipulative and abusive. This is similar to my first critic response from Professor Niamat Ali from Islamia College, Pakistan. He believes the majority of play can be summarised by the metaphor of storms. There is a physical storm that destroys the Turkish fleet. An emotional storm, a result from Desdemona’s elopement, that takes a toll on her aged father, Brabantio. An advancement of the Turkish fleet is a political storm, the conflict between Othello and Desdemona is the domestic storm, and finally, Desdemona’s murder is the criminal
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This did not come as a surprise for me, as Coleridge grew up in a time where women still did not have many rights. Women were made for bearing children, then for caring for them. Therefore, to him, women were property of their husbands. So whatever happened, the woman was punished and the man set free. This is what happens to Desdemona and Othello, Desdemona gets punished by Othello, he publicly ridicules and abuses her, and the society around them allows it. Because this was the same as Coleridge’s society, he doesn’t see anything wrong with it. I on the other hand, do. As I said with the response of Professor Niamat Ali’s essay, Desdemona was innocent and Othello deserved to be punished for what he