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I’d like to tell you some things you may or may not know about Megan.

Megan Amy was born on Friday the 31st January 1992 at 1.43 pm at Rose Park. She was named after her Grandma who I adored.

When she was wrapped and put into our arms she immediately began looking around the hospital room, inquisitive from the start. She was a beautiful baby who loved being sung to, tickled, cuddled and having lots of attention. She hated being left alone in a room and would cry when I walked out, so it was a huge relief to me when she learnt how to crawl and could follow me.

She loved her pink teddy and her blanky who she called “Kanky” and I could barely wash the blanky without her trying to pull him off the clothes line so she could have him.

As a young girl she was into everything girly; her baby dolls, Barbies, craft, jewellery, clothes, music and dancing. She longingly wanted a dog and she waited patiently until she was 17 and got Princess for her birthday.

Growing up she has had many varied experiences and here are some of her stats; she has lived in 13 houses and units, lived in Adelaide, Melbourne 3 different times and Alice Springs for 4 years where she was given 2 little brothers. She attended 4 different primary schools and 3 different secondary schools and has travelled to and had holidays in Tasmania, Sydney, the Gold Coast, Bali, Cairns and the waters of the South Pacific most recently.

This vast amount of changes and challenges she has had to overcome has made Megan strong, independent and intuitive in what she wants for her life and future. I am very confident that she will fulfil all of her dreams and aspirations for her own family and career.

I’m very proud that Megan has stayed the course with her studies at Uni through ups and downs and heavy workloads and is on track to complete her Bachelor of Public Relations degree by the middle of…