Love and Mr. Davis Essay

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Mr. Davis stands up from his desk with a solo cup and walks around the room passing every students desk as he holds out the cup. Every student drops a folded piece of paper with his or her first and last name on it into the cup. The man doesn’t care too much for his underpaid job and expresses it very clearly. Yet, no one really knows how much he gets paid. But, he wears the same outfit every day. Black dress pants, a white long sleeve sateen dress shirt, and a sateen tie. We assume he has a low paying job because of his long hair that he cuts at the beginning of every semester, which is once every 18 weeks. The rumor is he doesn’t have enough money to add a haircut into his expenses or buy new clothes. No one really likes Mr. Davis, sometimes students refer to him as a vampire because he usually has the blinds shut and the lights off but when he does have the lights on the glare seems to reflect off his very pale skin. Mr. Davis walks around back to the front of his desk; he shakes the cup and pulls out a folded slip of paper. He gently sets down the cup, and unfolds the paper.
“I thought I told you guys to fold your slips of paper one time,” He said in his annoyed voice. Which he always spreads out his words and says each word slower and in a lower tone. Ironically it’s also a very annoying voice.
The class chuckles as Mr. Davis continues to unfold this piece of paper. What was supposed to be a very small slip of paper folded in half with a student’s full name written on it, has turned into a whole piece of paper on it with a students’ initials “JTB.”
He reads off the paper in his annoying voice. “JTB, let me guess, James Timothy Baker. This paper better be good.” He said in a new tone. I’ve always been alright at stories but this isn’t a story. This is a research paper with personal experience that I had to write about any topic I want involving humans and emotions. So I’m not sure if Mr. Davis thinks I’m going to do well. But I stood up from my desk, grabbed my paper, and walked towards the front of the room. Not trying to boast but I am a pretty smart kid. I’ve been in all advanced classes since freshman year. This year I’m in all advanced classes including this Junior AP psychology class. I don’t have a lot of friends but a lot of people consider me their