Love and Teen Idol Essay

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Nia Lawson
Mrs. Abromavage
English Honors 1
2013, October 8 Teen Relationships and Other Drama My book’s name is Teen Idol, by Meg Cabot. The book is about high school student Jenny Greenley. She solves everyone else’s problems but her own like not being able to get a boyfriend even though everyone loves her. When a teen celeb named Luke Striker, who everybody loves, comes to her high school and she has to keep his secret under wraps, more problems become created for her, even the problem of love with the untouchable guy. Jenny starts to get confused about her feelings for Luke. Luke on the other hand is very clear on his feelings for Jen. Adding to all these feelings the Spring Fling is around the corner! Luke asks Jen and they go as ‘friends’. The only problem is they don’t leave as friends, and they get stuck in complicated jumble of feelings. Teens in everyday life experience the same feelings and situations.
The topic of what teens feel like when they are in romantic relationships definitely relates to my fictional book. The main story is about two teens who you don’t expect to be together getting together and living happily ever after. After personal experiences and reading my non-fictional book, Teen Issues: Relationships by Cath Senker, I learned that not all teen relationships are peaches and creams. My topic is teen relationships. I want to know about the how relationships are formed and how they work. It’s proven that at least once in every teen’s life they become attracted to someone. Some people call it an attraction, love, but most of the time it’s a crush. “Sometimes attraction is instant; sometimes it takes a while to develop.”(Teen Issues: Relationships pg25). “Crushes are when you have strong feelings about someone.” (Teen Issues: Relationships pg29). You can have a crush on someone even if you barely know them. When in a relationship, there are many things to consider. You have to consider the other persons feelings constantly. “At least once in a relationship an argument will break out.” (Teen Issues: Relationships pg30). Relationships are not easy to maintain. “You don’t see it how I see it Jen.”(Teen Idol pg. 254). People have different opinions and when