Love and War Essays

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Women and Man that meet at War struggle in their love life!

U.S soldiers go to Iraq to help protect Iraqi families from the bomb attacks they help fight the ones who are attacking Iraq. They also help provided food, shelter and safety for Iraqis. Army men see Iraqi women like they are the most beautiful women on earth, after a short period of time of knowing each other they ask the women to marry them and to go with them to the U.S when they get their visa. Many man convert to Muslims so they can marry them, there was a soldier that left his 11 year wife so he could marry with the Iraqi women he met during war. The Women’s reaction to marriage was a bit difficult because they have to leave their family behind and move to another country. The was a women soldier who asked an Iraqi man to marry her. She turn Muslim for him but than one day when she was telling him about how bad she got of a sunburn at the beach he got upset because he believes that women shouldn’t show off their bodies to other man. Iraqis man and women are very conservative. They respect and obey their religion. Iraqis wish to be able to live in a peaceful place but they care about their relatives and it’s difficult for them to leave their country. Americans believe that everyone wants to become American and they tease Iraqis because they think they get married to American to be able to get a Visa to America. Some factors that helped the relationship were being able to get a Visa to the U.S so they…