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Creative Short Story: Our lives as the four wives
I was always a loyal wife to my king and I made great contributions in maintaining his wealth and kingdom. I showed him love, kindness and was always praying for my king to always have mercy upon his people and to love and appreciate everyone. I always encouraged him to serve others as it will bring him everlasting joy and will help him grow spiritually. I was always there for my king in times of need and also in his times of victory. However, my king did not appreciate me and the things I did for him. He did not once showed any sign of love towards me although I loved him very much.
My king had a second wife and she was his confidant and whenever my king faced a problem he could confide in her. For example, if my king was having a bad day confiding with his second wife would always bring happiness and joy to my king. My king loved his Second wife very much. My king had a third wife and he loved her very much as well. He was always showing her off to His Kingdom and he feared that one day she would leave him. Lastly, my king had a fourth wife whom he loved the most and adorned her with rich robes and treated her to the finest of delicacies.
One day my king fell ill and he knew his time was near. My king thought about his luxurious life however he was afraid of dying alone. “I now have four wives but when I die I’ll be all alone.” My king asked his fourth wife to accompany him to his grave. He said to her “I have loved you the most and endowed you with the finest of clothing and took great care of you. Now that I am dying will you follow me and keep me company?” “No way!” replied the fourth wife and she walked away without another word. Her answer cut like a sharp knife right into my king’s heart. My king was very sad and wondered if his fourth wife was just around for the finest clothing and delicacies. He wondered if his time on this earthly life was wasted on treating his fourth wife with the finest of things that the poor people in his kingdom needed. He lied on his bed wondering and wishing he could change things but it was too late.
My king then asked his third wife. “I have loved you all my life and showed you off to my Kingdom and now I am dying, will you follow me and keep me company?””No!” replied my kings third wife. “Life is too good! When you die, I’m going to remarry. My king’s heart broke into pieces and he started wondering again. He wondered if his third wife was just around for the show. He wondered if she was there to just boost his ego and pride. He wondered if his time on this earthly life was wasted on showing off his third wife instead of taking good care of the people of his kingdom and helping them